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Lessons from Jericho: Examine the Stronghold Closely

I have been getting a lot lately out of the story of the fall of Jericho (Joshua 5:13-6:27).  Not only has it been intellectually interesting, but the things God has been showing me have been strengthening to my own walk with him.  I had gotten lazy in the walk of holiness, and I realized a few weeks ago that a spiritual stronghold of the enemy had begun to take root in my heart.

In an earlier post, I brought up how the battle starts in recognizing that you are called to be holy to Jesus, separate from the world, set aside solely for his purposes.  It’s what he has called you to, and it’s where he intends to take you.

The next post, I brought up how God must be an integral part of your relation to this city.  If you want to see it go, you’ve got to look at it with God at your side or you’ll get overwhelmed and decide to give up.  Before you even go to battle, when you’re just sitting there looking at the stronghold, seek God’s advice, ask for his help, and follow his directions.

Today, I want to look at the deeply uncomfortable but absolutely vital next step…

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Lessons from Jericho: Invite God into the Midst

As I was reading through Joshua and the story of the taking of Jericho (Joshua 5:13-6:27), God began to draw my attention to some insights in fighting strongholds of sin in my own life.  Many of us are currently or have in the past dealt with an area of sin that seems like it just won’t let go.  For many this means an addiction like pornography or masturbation (Woohoo! Here come the hits from Google!), alcohol and other drugs, or simply entertainment (the all-around favorite in America).

In an earlier post, I wrote how the first step is to understand that we are called to, created for, destined for, and going to get total holiness.  It’s in our DNA, and God intends to bring us there.  The same message the angel gave to Joshua needs to enter our heart as well:  “This is holy ground.”

But how do we become that holy ground?  How do we get to that place?  How does the “supposed to be” become the “already is”?

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Lessons from Jericho: Know that You are Holy Ground

This morning, as I read the story of the conquest of Jericho (Joshua 5:13-6:27), God began to speak to my heart.  I don’t have everything organized, but I hope you’ll be strengthened by a bit of what God showed me about experiencing freedom from sin.

At this point, the Israelites have been freed from slavery in Egypt and crossed the Jordan River into Canaan.  They’re getting ready to take possession of the land that God has been promising to them for years.  But right in their way of receiving this inheritance is the massive city of Jericho, a stronghold of their enemy.

There are many Christians who, though they have been freed from slavery to sin and been baptized into the inheritance of the Spirit, have allowed the enemy to build a stronghold in their souls.  I know this because I have been there myself.

How do we experience the freedom God wants us to inherit?

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