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Tu Aduci Întunericul şi se Face Noapte


The title above comes from Psalm 104:20 in the NTR, an easy-to-read (Ha ha!  As if anything in Romanian is easy!) Romanian translation, “Tu aduci întunericul şi se face noapte; atunci toate fiarele pădurii încep să mişune.”  The English translation is, “You bring the darkness, and it becomes night, then all the wild beasts of the forest begin to move about.”

The “you” here is referring to God.  There’s an uncomfortable truth here, a really uncomfortable truth if you take time to think about it.  This verse says  that the God who is light and joy and all things good is also the author and bringer of darkness, even difficulty and trouble.

Imagine you’ve taken a walk alone into the woods.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and life is beautiful.  In this heavenly place, you find a tree just off the path and sit down in its shade.  Soon enough, the wonder of the place draws your head to drowsiness, your eyelids close, and you dream happy dreams.

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By the Glow of a Toaster

No, this post’s title is not the cheesy name for my new solo album.  And it’s not the title of a bad translation of a new Romanian horror movie, either.  And it’s also not the title for a poem reminiscing the appliance I miss most; no, that poem will be called “Elegy to a Toaster.”

This title refers to our most recent meeting with the Mihai Bravu community.  With the weather getting colder, a nearby family opened up their house to us.  It’s a wonderful little room with a light and (most importantly) heat.  🙂  The heater is basically a toaster oven shoved into a block of cement and then plugged into a wall.  It might sound a little scary (and, believe me, the toddlers playing around the exposed wires running into the wall do bring concern), but it’s effective and cheap.

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