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Loving…. Just to Love

Everyone in ministry knows that we often have ulterior motives to loving.  Ultimately, we want to help people get right with God.  When I was working in Spring Green, if a student called me looking to get a ride home, I would often do so in the hopes that my service would help him to see Jesus better.  I worked in the schools not so much because I love teaching but because I wanted opportunities to speak to students I wouldn’t normally get to speak with.  If I planned a big party, it wasn’t because I love parties (I’m an introvert by all accounts) but because I wanted opportunities to identify with students and speak to them about Jesus.  Even airsofting, as much as I loved it, was always the means to an end:  an opportunity to witness and to be an example so that a student would one day repent and live for Jesus.

We often have ulterior motives.  In the ministry, our ulterior motives are good.  (Seriously, what better goal can there be that someone would come to know Jesus?)

But we’re called to love simply to love.

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This video made me cry

I like to check out wimp.com every now and then.  Sometimes it’s just a time-waster, but sometimes there are some really great videos on it.  June 27th, they uploaded a video about an Asian daughter and her deaf father.  Although the video is about the relationship between the father and his daughter, it’s a wonderful look at the love that God, our heavenly Father, has for us.  Oh, and seriously, I dare you to not cry.  🙂


Tonight, Campus Life will be performing at RVHS

So I was all set for the Campus Life meeting tonight.  I had an awesome plan.  Seriously, the gospel was going to be shared, lives were going to be changed, teenagers were going to be loved…  I spent the day preparing, and it was gonna be amazing, truly amazing.

But then I remembered there was a band and choir concert tonight.  All but two students in this year’s Campus Life crew are in either band or choir.  And one of those two students was planning to go to the concert.

So much for my plan, right?

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