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Behold the Lamb – Daniel Bashta and Harvest Bashta

The music of Daniel (and his sister Harvest) Bashta has really been ministering to me lately.  I love the passion and energy in the music.  It’s almost impossible to sit still while listening; either you want to bow down on your knees or get up and dance.  🙂  And I love how so much of the lyrics are drenched in Scriptural phrases and images if not word-for-word Bible.  “Behold the Lamb,” in particular, evokes images of the angelic choruses in the book of Revelation as well as the Lord’s Prayer in the gospels.  I love it!

As this song has been a great source of strength to my spirit lately, I wanted to share it with you.  Enjoy the chords and lyrics here, then head over to www.danielbashta.com for links to purchase his music.  (Sorry for how the chords and words don’t line up correctly.  I’m blaming wordpress ’cause the file on my computer is fine.)

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All He Says I Am – Cody Carnes

I’m sitting here at our Prayer Weekend, and the CD has been stuck on one song for the last hour.  I just can’t get enough of “All He Says I Am” by Cody Carnes lately. I love the simplicity of the song’s declaration:  I am all he says I am.

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