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Jonah by Ben

[I gave an optional assignment last week in the Communion with God class to take a story from the Bible and re-write it.  It’s an awesome exercise that will help to draw out details from the actual events.  You’ll have to figure out what was really going on, why it happened the way the Bible reports it, what people were thinking and feeling…  I highly recommend it as a way to interact with the Bible!  Just don’t go around thinking you might as well write your own, more interesting version of the Bible and throw out that boring one you bought in the book store.]

Within minutes, the pale blue sky had disappeared entirely, replaced by a rolling mass of thick black and gray storm clouds.  The sun, once shining boldly, struggled now to reach even her fingers around the enveloping clouds.  Beneath the lead casket, the small ship appeared helpless on the blue-green back of a heaving, waking sea monster.  The sea was a giant stirring.

Aboard, every man took notice of the quick change in temperament, from the ancient Philistine captain borne in the womb of the sea to the newly-wed Egyptian couple on their first venture from solid land, and what a venture it will prove to be.

A cold wind brought with it the scent of rain, heavy and hell-bent.

“By Dagon, get ready, men!” the captain shouted and clenched his jaw tightly shut, his eyes challenging the sea and the wind and the rain.

A strike of lightning split the sky, and a blast of thunder shook the timbers of the small ship, the trumpet blast of some great sea god declaring war, announcing the coming of the rain.  The wind blew hard and stiff, and the ropes creaked, screaming under the pressure.  The sailors scrambled about the bridge, from starboard to port, loosening this, tightening that, attempting to anticipate the moves of the storm, most capricious of enemies; while, below decks the remaining sailors urged the vessel forward with herculean effort at the oars.  But for all their pushing and pulling, striving and straining, their most trusted ally had now by all appearances joined herself to the wind and the rain and, as a traitor, refused to obey their orders.

Another crack of lightning ripped the sky in two, and from the gaping hole the rain began to pour.

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Bible in the Park

To get a feel for Bucharest and the people here, I’ve taken to wandering the streets.  Today, I got an early start and headed out to Parcul Titan.  It’s a massive park in the middle of the city and gave me a great opportunity to spend some time in prayer and reading the Bible.  By American standards, Parcul Titan is dirty.  It’s not horribly dirty, but the idea of “Leave No Trace” doesn’t really ever seem to show up in Bucharest.  The park has a ton of cool toys for kids to play on, a massive lake, and a whole bunch of old guys in European style swimwear (click with caution).

But I went to Parcul Titan today not to people-watch or play on the fun toys but to spend some time with God.  Between all the travel, the hot weather, and living with my way-too-fun nieces, my last few times set aside with God haven’t been very, well, deep.  So I headed out today at 6:30 a.m. and hopped  on the subway heading to the park for some much-needed time simply loving Jesus.

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Use It Before You Lose It

I used to spend the first two hours of my day with God and the last two hours. It was awesome. I grew so much.

But then something happened. I got busy.

At first, I simply chose to wake up earlier than before, and oh how my spirit was satisfied.

But then I got tired. And busier. So I started staying up later working, and I quit getting up so early in the morning. I cut back on my time with God.

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