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How does your giving help me?

Some of you have been supporting me financially for 10 years or more; others have started more recently.  Some can’t give financially but pray faithfully for our work for God.  Some of you don’t fall into either category.  In whatever situation you find yourself, you may wonder just how your giving and praying helps me here in Romania.  My brother put together this sweet “infographic” (never even knew that was a word until a few days ago) to explain how your involvement impacts more than we missionaries.

As you think, pray, and give, remember that you’re not only helping me to live in Romania, but you’re providing for books for Bible school students, materials for outreach, salaries for Romanian evangelists, food for the homeless, clothes for poor gypsies…  Your giving goes far past me to reach many people in Bucharest.  Thanks for being a part of this ministry!

Change Someone’s Life Today!

Instead of re-writing the story, I’m just copying and pasting the email my brother Jake sent around about a young man to whom we’ve recently been ministering.  Consider getting involved and helping to change his life!

We met Emal, a young Muslim refugee from Afghanistan, about 9 months ago. We shared the Gospel with him, he’s been reading the Bible, and he comes to church most weeks. He hasn’t started to trust in Jesus yet, but he’s growing closer. Recently, he told me, “I know I need a new life – I want things to change, and I think Jesus is the answer, but I can’t believe in Him yet. I need to learn more about Him first, and then I can only believe if I really believe it’s true.”

One of Emal’s biggest physical needs right now is for hearing aids. Like many refugees we’re meeting from Afghanistan, Emal’s ears were damaged with the constant bombing, so we want to get him some hearing aids to make it easier for him to get a job, survive in Bucharest, and, most important, learn more about Jesus.

We found a pair of used hearing aids plus 2 years of batteries for $250. These are really good hearing aids that normally cost $2000 to $3000 new, so this is a great opportunity. Please pray about helping us to buy these hearing aids for Emal, and if you can give, click here.

When we present them to him, we want to be able to tell him, “This is a gift from Christians from all over the world who care about you because Jesus cares about you. This isn’t just from me, but this is a gift from God’s people.”

Whether you can give or not, pray for Emal, for his hearing to be restored, for him to find good work in Bucharest, and, most important, that his heart would turn to Jesus!

Thanks so much!

If you can give, click here.

Seeing God at work

When I think of God being at work, I usually think of miracles and people getting saved.  I really haven’t seen much of that here in Romania yet, but I have definitely seen his hand at work.

Here are some of the ways I’ve seen God’s grace:

1) I got my camera back.  This is the clearest miracle I’ve seen since being in Bucureşti.  I live in a city of four million where corruption among the police is normal.  For them to even care to find one little camera and then to return it to me without any papers proving I own it… well, that’s a miracle.  All my Romanian friends agree that I should never have seen the camera again.

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My Bible-reading plan

The last few months, I’ve been working through the book Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge.  It’s an awesome book, and I highly recommend it.  But don’t rush through it; take your time with it and let the wisdom soak into you and guide you.  It’s full of insights on how to connect with God and develop a strong devotional life where your time with God is really sustaining and meaningful.  I can’t speak highly enough about it, so go and grab a copy of it.  You’ll be glad you did.

So anyhow, in chapter 20 (“The Secret of Simultaneous Reading”), Bob Sorge mentions his Bible-reading plan.  He divides it up into four sections:  Genesis to Malachi, Psalms to Ecclesiastes, Matthew to John, and Acts to Revelation.  Each day, he reads enough in each section so that he’ll get through the entire Old Testament once per year and the entire New Testament two times per year.

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I am definitely sick of selling things

No, that video really does have nothing to do with today’s post except for the homophone for “sale” in the chorus.

I’m not a salesman.  Not one bit.  I did pretty good this weekend with my garage sale, but I’m so done with selling things.  (Until next weekend, of course.)  It’s a lot of work to sit there on your butt and give people suggestions for what to pay only to feel lame when they look at you like, “You’re seriously gonna charge me that much?  C’mon.  Really?”  And then they walk away with a $10 waterproof, tear-resistant topographic map for a buck.

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Time to do some plundering. :)

Today’s the start of my big rummage sale and my attempt to get rid of 90% of my possessions.

Please pray…

  1. I’d make lots of money today and through the next two weekends.
  2. I’d get rid of lots of my stuff through the next two weekends.
  3. People would give generously, even beyond what everything is worth.
  4. At least one of my vehicles would sell this weekend.
  5. God would use the sale as a means for preaching the gospel
  6. I’d get more people interested in hearing about Romania and supporting.