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It’s been a while, so… What have we been up to?

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Well, it’s been almost a month since my last update, so I figured It’s about time to let you know how things have been going here in Romania.  Since my last update, we started teaching classes at Scoala Biblica Piatra Vie.  It’s our very first semester teaching these courses in Romania, and many books are not available in Romanian, so it’s been far less organized than I like, but God is working in and through us.

We have a total of 12 students taking 3 different classes.  They represent three different continents (Africa, Europe, and North America) and speak four different mother tongues (English, French, Romanian, and Swahili).  Yes, we’re pretty diverse!  Culturally (Romanians, Africans, and Americans), intellectually (from graduate school students to high school dropouts), and spiritually (a one-month-old believer from a Muslim background, Baptists who were taught to believe the charismatic gifts ended in the first century, Pentecostals who never learned to study the Bible, and even a few who don’t know what to call themselves)–we have a wide variety of students!

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Welcome to Barbuleşti

Barbuleşti is a strange town.  Twenty years ago, it was called the “Gypsy ghetto” of Romania and was home to all sorts of “unsavory” characters.  Over time and through a combination of revival, police action, and simple old age, the most notorious have since left the town.  Now, it’s an odd collection of extremely poor, unemployed people and the recently wealthy, who don’t seem afraid to let everyone know their new status.  We saw old, cement homes with dirt floors right across the street from mansions looking like Asian pagodas or castles.  During our one day in the city, it seemed just as common to see a horse-drawn cart as it was to see a BMW cruising along the dirt roads.

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27 Dead at Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

Living here in Romania, I often feel disconnected from what’s happening back in the US. Even the presidential election didn’t mean nearly so much to me this year.  Shoot, never even watched more than 2 minutes of a Packer game.  But when I heard about the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, I felt like I was right back home in the US.  (Read the story here and video coverage can be seen here.)

Oh, my heart grieves for the families in Newtown.

I’m not usually prone to the “doom and gloom” prophet thing, but I can’t help but think about the fate of a nation that walks in unrighteousness.  There is a point where God takes away his protection and allows people to be, well, stupid.

Pray for America.  Pray for the families of those killed.  Pray for the kids and teachers to find healing and hope in their hearts.  I can’t imagine how many tormenting demons Satan wants to throw at those kids….

Oh, Lord, help us before we destroy ourselves.  (Read this article on the history of American school shootings if you’re not convinced we need help.)

Prayer Letter – December 2012


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