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Black Friday in Bucuresti

I’ve been trying to listen to Romanian radio lately so I get more practice with the language.  (Hopefully, I’m not just learning swear words and dirty jokes….)  This morning, I was surprised to hear the words “Black Friday” a number of times, in English not Romanian.  Yes, America has exported Black Friday to Romania.

So Bucuresti gets the worst of both worlds:  no Thanksgiving dinner and massive crowds battling for deals.  (Or, maybe it’s the best of both worlds, depending on your point of view:  no relatives coming over and massive savings for everyone.)

Anyhow, I was never a fan of Black Friday when in the US, and I’m not one here, either.  But… if you happen to have an extra $1300 lying around, let me know!  Logos.com has the entire New International Commentary of the Old and New Testaments (44 books!) on sale.  (NICOT and NICNT are some really flippin’ awesome commentaries, by the way, and well worth the $30/volume price tag.  The series features some incredibly great scholarship that has taken decades to put together.  Plus, they stay true to the authority and meaning of Scripture.  And having it all in digital form…  It all makes me start drooling.)