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Prayer Letter – September 2013


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Bringing Risky Back – Sent As Sheep Among Wolves

I spent about ten years living and ministering in a small town in southern Wisconsin.  A number of the families in our church body were raising farm animals.  One family had goats.

Not once (in all my years in that fellowship) did I ever hear that family express worry over what would happen to the poor coyotes and mountain lions if one curious little goat managed to escape the pen.

Because we all know full well the fate that would await such an adventurous little guy:  coyote food.


In Matthew 10:16, Jesus gathers together his disciples to give them an encouraging word about his calling on their lives.  So, what does he tell them?  How he will always be with them?  How he has given them every place they set their feet?  How a thousand may fall at their side, ten thousand at their right hand, but it won’t come near them?  How power will come on them and they’ll be witnesses to the outermost parts of the earth?  How he loves them so jealously?

No, he tells them simply, “Look, I’m sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves.”

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News from “The Homefront”

“So we don’t open the house until 6:30. But R—— and C—— said they are bored and would like to clean or paint or something. So I made them a deal that they can come in after school, NO ONE else, lock the doors and paint until their hearts are content. They were over the top excited. I showed them the trim they could paint, one particular wall, stuff like that. Well I came back 3 hours later to find that they painted the entire dining room baby blue!…. I almost crapped myself right there…. Trim and everything…. And… they painted the trim between the 2 big rooms black, all of which was still wet when the others started to show up…. Yeaaaahhh… It was interesting, and fun. Both of them were covered in paint! My wife said she would supervise this week.

So far, 1 life has changed, mine.

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