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Apostle: A Possible Postulate

I’ve been studying the word “apostle” recently.  While I don’t have any “ground-breaking” things to say, I did realize some things that I hadn’t noticed before.

Before getting to the things that I found surprising, let me just say….  I know people tend to freak out when anyone starts talking about apostles, especially when that person believes in the present gift and calling, but bear with me.  Don’t freak out.  Yet.

Okay, now that that’s done, let’s start with some basics:

1) The term “apostle” used to be a normal Greek word, not a religious word with a capital letter on the front of it.  That capital letter and the religious context only came later, much later.  In the beginning, it was a word just like any other, just like how “born again” used to mean simply being born a second time, not “prayed a prayer and go to an evangelical church somewhat regularly.”

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Church-Planting Thoughts

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, praying, watching, and learning the last few months.  We know God has called us to Romania to work for him, and this work will involve establishing churches.  What those churches will look like, who will go to them, how they will be established is all up for grabs.  As we explore what church means and how to go about being the church, I’ve done a lot of thinking.  None of this is set in stone or anywhere near complete, but the following are some of what I would like to see in what we do in Romania:

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