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Prayer Letter – February 2013


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A weekend with Spiritual Revival Church

We headed out from Bucureşti Thursday morning, catching a tramvai (tram) to a metrou (subway) to a tren (train) to an autocar (coach bus) to Rotbav.  Rotbav is a beautiful village of 1,000 to 1,500 people that’s only about 120 miles but 3 to 6 hours from where we live.  It’s a neat little town, and it would be our home away from home through Sunday afternoon as we enjoyed fellowship and ministry with Spiritual Revival Church.

Thursday, our train to Braşov was late, so we missed meeting up with the greater portion of the Spiritual Revival crew.  But Pastor Peter and Dan (pronounced “Dun” here) waited for us so we’d get on the right bus from Braşov to Rotbav.  Dan is 6-foot-something, became a Christian in March, and translates many Sundays.  He has a very easy-to-like personality, and I really enjoyed getting to talk with him and learn about life in Romania.

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Play-by-play from yesterday’s evangelism “experiment”

So I promised on Facebook to give some more details about the awkward day of evangelism we had.  Most of the awkward moments came from simply not knowing the language, but I figured I’d give a play-by-play about who we talked to.  Please pray for the people we met and spoke with.

From the moment we started, our plans got, well, scrapped.  First, we planned to meet Cosmin (a Romanian friend who likes to do evangelism) at Piaţa Universitate at 2 pm, but Cosmin forgot all about getting together.  Jake called him, and we made plans to meet at 3 instead.  But shortly before 3, Cosmin called to say he couldn’t make it after all.

On our way to Universitate, we hopped on the tramvai, costing us a whopping 30-cents and saving ourselves two whole blocks of walking.  But, little did we realize, the tram was heading the wrong way. So we decided to catch a subway at a different staţie de metrou.  Unfortunately, in our rush, we got on the wrong line and ended up heading to Gara de Nord.  It wasn’t a big deal, though, ’cause there are lots of lost people around the train station, too.

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Prayer Letter – June 2012


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Go west, young man, go west.

West Towne Mall, that is.

I love sharing the gospel!  Mark, Mickey, and I just got back from an afternoon at West Towne Mall in Madison talking with people about Jesus, praying for them, and prophesying God’s heart over them.  It was great!

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