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Christmas Adventures

With Christmas come and gone, I figured I ought to give a quick update on some of our holiday adventures here in Romania.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures, so you don’t get any.

For starters, nearly $600 in donations came in this year for buying Christmas gifts for poor families.  (Way to go, 724!  You guys rock!!!)   We’re still a small work, so this more than covered all of our expenses this year!  Besides bringing gifts (around 40 or 50) ourselves for families to whom we’ve been ministering, we were also able to give a donation to a church doing a similar work in another area of Bucharest.  For everybody who gave to make this happen, thanks!

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Prayer Letter – February 2013


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Prayer Letter – January 2013


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Christmas Presents for Vacareşti

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A Belgian college student who needed help with English introduced me to Vacareşti about six months ago.  Having lived eight years in a small town in the country, I was in desperate need of some solitude and fresh air, so just the mention of a taste of “wilderness” nearby was enough to get me excited.  (Note, for a more full look at the tangled history of this place, check out my post here.)

vacarestishackOn one of my more recent trips into the area, I came across about 4 or 5 houses, built of discarded materials, pieces of wood, plastic, and metal.  It was actually quite an idyllic scene when I arrived; the sun slowly setting was lengthening the shadows of the grass blades and highlighting the smoke rising from the homes while a man’s steady hammering cut through the blanket of soft talking that filled the area.  A handful of stray dogs walked among the homes, and I for once almost smiled at them.  Almost.

The one thought that stuck in my heart, though, as I walked through the homes was that I had to figure out a way for bringing the gospel to these people.  How cool would it be to see a handful of people gathering here to pray and seek God together.

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Vacareşti – Solitude in the Crowds


I first learned about this hidden bit of wilderness right within the capitol of Romania over summer.  At that time, I was freshly-arrived from a rural town of 1,400 people to this city of 2 million, so I was more than interested in exploring something like the countryside.

Vacareşti, I soon learned, has a very interesting history, and one that still has a lot of mystery for me.

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