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Please, please, don’t abort the baby

Shows the total abortions to date as a percentage of each country’s current population.

Last night, when we met with Vasilica to encourage her in her walk with God, she told us she had seen a couple visions this last week while praying for us. First, she had seen a picture of Jason and a woman leading a flock of sheep. Next, she had seen a picture of Jake and Jessie, and Jessie was pregnant.

When she shared about Jessie being pregnant, she turned very serious and said in Romanian, “Please, please, don’t abort the baby.”

“Da, sigur,” Jake responded. “Yes, of course.”

Then Vasilica turned to Jason and repeated in faster and more emphatic Romanian: “Tell them not to have an abortion. Tell him.”

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The Vision – Pete Greig

Man, I love how Pete Greig describes the vision God has put in his heart for the youth.  This is what we want to see here in Romania.

The following words (taken directly from the 24-7 Prayer website) differ slightly from the video:

So this guy comes up to me and says, “What’s the vision?  What’s the big idea?”  I open my mouth and words come out like this…  The vision?

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