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Prayer Letter – July 2013


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Reflecting on One Year in Romania

My one-year anniversary in Romania was yesterday at 8:20 p.m. I had been looking forward to this date.  If not in reality, at least in my mind it’s an important milestone; one whole year in a foreign country learning on the job how to do missions work.

Months ago, I started thinking about what I’d write, figuring I’d have something deep, insightful, and spiritual to share.  But I don’t.  Partly, this is because the date snuck up on me.  Partly, it’s because the thing I feel most certain about is that I’m still learning, still growing, still discovering.  And I have a headache now.

Instead of a “year-in-review” (you’ll get something of the sorts in July when I put up my next prayer letter) or something deep (that’ll take a few years to get around to), I’d like to give you just a couple of my observations and reflections.

1. Ninety percent of following Jesus really is about simply not quitting.

2. Ministry is not a microwave but a slow-cooker; it takes a lot longer than you think it ought to.

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