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Prayer Letter – June 2013


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Prayer Letter – May 2013


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Prayer Letter – February 2013


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Alexandru Grigorescu and Answers to Prayer

A few months ago, I was really discouraged at how little evangelism I saw going on in this “Christian” nation of Romania.  In particular, I wanted to preach open-air, but I knew no one loud enough or bold enough to translate for me.  So, after praying, I went on Youtube to see if there were any videos of anyone doing evangelism in the streets of Bucharest.  (At the time, Youtube seemed the natural place to check.  Now, it really doesn’t make any sense to me.  I mean, of all the places to look for evidence of street evangelism, why go to Youtube?)

I came across a couple videos of an older gentleman named Alexandru Grigorescu who was preaching open-air, passing out tracts, and talking with individuals one-on-one.  (Check out his videos here.)  Although his style was more confrontational than I liked, I could tell the man desperately loved people and was filled with compassion for their souls.  Something in my spirit shouted, “Yes!  There *is* fire in Bucharest!”  I immediately sent the man a message saying how encouraging it was to see his videos.

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